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Early Medical Intervention

Kalabre analyzes sublingual and pulmonary data acquired from an individual upon waking. It can determine the onset of an illness, often days before symptoms or clinical signs including fever. Kalabre has been shown in three research studies to detect infections better than 96% of the time.


Kalabre early detection monitor

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Kalabre Test One

Each morning, upon waking and before getting out of bed, your patient places the two Kalabre sensor probes comfortably under their tongue and touches a button.

Kalabre Test Two

Then when they get out of bed, they blow as hard as they can through Kalabre with one breath. The results are sent to the Kalabre app.

Desktop and Mobile Application

Graph View

Graph view


Patient's timeline view

The Kalabre app can be set to automatically notify you and your staff when your patients have elevated signs of infections, so you can proactively reach out to them.


Improved Patient Engagement


Reduce the need for Ambulance Service


Reduced Hospital Stays

A primary goal of Kalabre is to keep patients out of the emergency room or hospital, being treated instead by their physicians at their home clinics. This provides a significant benefit to both patients and physicians.

Watch Kalabre track an infection

Actual graph of patient who experienced a COVID like viral infection.

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