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Clark Barousse

Clark Barousse
President & CEO, Biosymtec Medical, Inc.
[email protected]


Founder & Product Developer

John Beiswenger

John Beiswenger
Co-Founder & CTO, Biosymtec Medical, Inc.


Kalabre product information

Kalabre monitors people for the first sign of infections, often days before symptoms occur. 

Kalabre is being developed by Biosymtec Medical, Inc., a medical product research, design and marketing company based in the United States.

The conceptual engineering phase has already been completed for the Kalabre monitor and the application portal. The final design phase will result in a prototype.

Kalabre is a medical device technology based on the discovery that sublingual and pulmonary data, acquired from an individual upon waking and correlated by a proprietary algorithm, can determine the onset of an illness, days before symptoms or clinical signs including fever.

Pre-clinical trials using the algorithm were completed shortly after the SARS coronavirus epidemic at five health clinics in Hong Kong, and at Tianjin Haihe Hospital in China. An IRB Approved Research Study was also conducted in a church community in the United States.

The data from all studies was combined and analyzed, and the accuracy of the algorithm was determined to predict the likelihood of an infection over 96% of the time.

Kalabre is paired with mobile and desktop applications, which can automatically send testing data to patients' physicians.

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